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Hey there mama to be,


At 28 weeks I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and immediately went into a whirlwind of emotions. I received mediocre care from the medical team that was supposed to help me. I switched OB’s 3 times, perinatologists twice, and had to find an endocrinologist. I was desperate to ensure my baby's health and safety as well as my own.


This book was created to be a resource to boost your confidence and help you shift your perspective to bring you hope. Any diagnosis can bring a host of emotions and even fear, gestational diabetes is no different but understand that this too shall pass.


This ebook is packed with printable pages to help you ease the load of this new lifestyle. Being intentional is imperative to thriving and making necessary adjustments. You will get frustrated and that’s okay, allow yourself to feel all the feels- just don’t dwell and get stuck in them. Give yourself grace as you learn and make adjustments.


You got this!


What’s Inside:


Power Words

Encouraging Scripture

Snack Ideas

Smoothie Ideas

Meal Ideas

Glucose Number Tracker

Medication Tracker

Water Tracker

Meal Tracker

Exercise Tracker

Mood Tracker

Gratitude Reflection


Cheers to Taking Charge!

Taking Charge E-Book

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