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About Me

Unlock your potential & thrive in your purpose

There’s no escaping the calling on your life. No one knows that better than Ashley A. Porter affectionately known as Ashley Speaks- The Purpose Visionary, who not only embraces her divine purpose but helps others do the same. Through published books, empowerment speaking/ teaching, and personal development/purpose coaching.


Ashley is committed to destroying generational curses and reclaiming family unity. Building a family legacy is imperative to Ashley.


Ashley is a certified life coach and has earned a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in leadership and a doctorate degree in counseling. As the founder of Girl Code Collective, Ashley partners with women through coaching, teaching, and mentorship. Girl Code Collective is a place where women thrive, unapologetically.


Ashley enjoys traveling, loving, and laughing with her son, and effectively helping others thrive in their purpose. She’s a multi-talented soul with many skills.

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