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The "Taking Charge" Ebook is OUT NOW!

This year I’ve been battling all the changes and symptoms that accompany bringing forth life but things took a turn in my 3rd trimester when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It has not been a usual case, quite the contrary. I wrote this ebook to help other mama’s who may be facing the same battle. 


Here’s what’s inside this amazing resource: 



Power Words

Encouraging Scripture

Snack Ideas

Smoothie Ideas

Meal Ideas

Glucose Number Tracker

Medication Tracker

Water Tracker

Meal Tracker

Exercise Tracker

Mood Tracker

Gratitude Reflection


Grab your copy today!

This resource is perfect for mothers battling gestational diabetes and are in need of encouragement and helpful resources. 

We are in this thing called life TOGETHER! 


A note from Ashley Speaks:


Mama congratulations on your new bundle of joy. I know firsthand how chaotic things can get after hearing those words that you have gestational diabetes and are now considered high risk. First things first, inhale and exhale one more time. Now, understand that you may have to make some adjustments, and things can get overwhelming but give yourself grace as you navigate this new territory. Take it all moment by moment- you can do this!


You do not have to endure this journey alone



Ashley Speaks

Click here to preview the Ebook!


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