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The Deets

Discover the “RevitalizeMe14” – an exclusive journey tailored for women who are ready to reclaim control and flourish. As the year winds down, it's your chance to embrace accountability, redefine priorities, and infuse tranquility into your daily life. Engage in rejuvenating daily devotions, seize the chance to hit the reset button, and cultivate a renewed focus. Unite with a community of inspiring women, as we embark on this transformative expedition together. Elevate your aspirations, realign your purpose, and refresh your spirit. Step into the next phase of your journey with us today!


The Goal


Why 14 days?

14 is a powerful number, biblically 14 represents deliverance and I believe that it’s the perfect amount of time to reframe and begin to retrain ourselves. Yes, it takes 21 days to form a new habit but the goal here is to bring awareness to what’s no longer serving you and jumpstart the process of consistency.


What do I need to participate?

Officially join the journey, grab a fresh journal, add our meeting times to your calendar, set alarms/reminders, a growth mindset!


What will I get from participating?

A little progress each day adds up to big results!-unknown

You will leave this journey with tools to implement & use to execute in every area of your life, new enriching relationships with a like minded community, coaching & accountability.


What does the journey entail?

I believe in addressing all 4 pillars of self: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. We will speak to every system daily.


Why is there an enrollment fee?

I believe in the principal of sowing and reaping. I believe that a seed gives you skin in the game. It’s also proven that when we pay for something we actually value it more. I desire for you to value your time as well as the GCC team. If you sign up for free, by day 3 you’ll easily give in to skipping a day or a session but one thing is for sure- you won’t waste your investment. You’re going to show up and get what you paid for. Reaping and sowing doesn’t just apply financially, it applies to your time, your attention, and your effort. You’ll reap out of this challenge whatever you sow into it.

Hosted by Ashley Speaks,
visionary of Girl Code Collective

There’s no escaping the calling on your life. No one knows that better than Ashley A. Porter affectionately known as Ashley Speaks- The Purpose Visionary. Ashley not only lives her divine purpose, but also empowers others to uncover theirs. Through published books, impactful speaking engagements, and personal development coaching, she guides individuals on their journey of self-discovery.


Devoted to breaking generational curses and fostering family cohesion, Ashley prioritizes creating a lasting family legacy. As a devoted mother to her amazing children, she understands the importance of this mission firsthand.


Certified as a life coach and holding a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies, Ashley possesses a solid foundation to guide others toward self-improvement. She proudly leads the Girl Code Collective, collaborating with women to provide coaching, instruction, and mentorship. Within this empowering space, women thrive authentically and unapologetically.

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