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If you have a pulse, you have purpose. However, identifying and preparing for your divine calling is not a simple task. You will need faith, the currency of the kingdom, because when our faith grows, we gain access to kingdom knowledge; but not before we go through a series of tests. Based on the word of God, Basic Training serves as a light to your path, helping you realign with God's desires by first moving out of your own way. Each chapter trains you to further develop the necessary tenacity, discipline, courage and patience to survive periods of discomfort and doubt. When people enlist in any branch of the military, they have to through basic training. This also holds true for your Christian walk of faith. You will be tested and required to step up and out of your comfort zone to become the best possible you. What is God trying to tell you through your current season in life?

Basic Training; How to Prepare for your Spiritual Quest

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