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Inside the Collective

Transparency. Community. Growth

Are you overthinking everything but excelling at nothing?

Are you tired of being stuck between who you used to be and who God is calling you to be?

Are you sick of fear fueling your complency and procrastination.

If you answered yes, you've been led to the right place!


I remember a few years ago, I was walking up the stairs to my apartment and I got stuck. I heard God's voice audibly for the first time. He said, " this is as far as you're going to go if you keep doing things your way." I looked around like huh?! He then said, "by operating at a lower level, you are simply helping the devil."- You see we aren't a threat to the enemy when we are out of alignment living below the means of

Ephesians 3:20. That night, I prayed and I asked God to wreck me, I asked Him to wreck everything about me that was not in alignment with why I was created.  I was desperate to live life intentionally.

That is my prayer and intention for YOU!

Inside the Collective is your divine metamorphosis process.  

For 6-months we will have a  monthly topic, mastHERmind sessions, and so much more. Within the 6 month program you will not only get to the root of what has been keeping you stagnant but we will uproot it. You will gain confidence, clarity, and wisdom as we tackle the major roadblocks to purpose. There is power in knowing who and whose you are, we will rebuild your foundation so you can stand firm and show up unapologetically. 

Inside the Collective will take you from survival mode to thriving in purpose. You will go from being dazed and confused to clear and confident. It will help you develop positive relationships with other like minded women as well as grow in every major body systems; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Inside the Collective is for READY women. 

Are you ready to thrive?

Pay In Full $ 475 

Pay in full (about 20% savings) and receive access to the

"Top 5 Identity Blockers & How to Overcome Each One"

e-course and a 45min 1-1 coaching session 


2 Payments of $ 300

Pay Monthly $99

Weekly Prayer Calls

Monthly MastHERmind Sessions

Monthly Topics

Empowerment Calls

Sis, it is time to unlock your potential & thrive in your purpose. We have a seat at the table Inside the Collective just for you! 

Register Today

Inside The Collective is a program where women are empowered, encouraged, and educated to walk confidently in every area of their life. This is the ultimate collective, where we push you to show up and thrive unapologetically in all that God has called for you. In the Bible, there were women who walked with each other in order to bring them to their expected end; Ruth had Naomi and now you have Inside the Collective.

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