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If you have a pulse, you have a purpose.

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Who We Are:


To invest in and partner with millennial women so they recognize and are able to maximize their God-given identity, unapologetically!


The Girl Code Collective is a community for millennial women to access the secret to walking unapologetically in their God-given identity. Unlocking the code gives millennial women permission, freedom, confidence, and connection necessary to align with the truth about Who God says they are, and step fully into their destiny. The Girl Code Collective offers online e-courses, group coaching, prayer lines, and hosts speaking events all designed to equip the millennial woman with everything she needs to be the leading role in her life. We are a link in the community bringing women together to support one another in their personal development and growth. Our home office is based out of Laurel, Maryland. Known globally, we travel across the United States and offer opportunities to participate or connect from anywhere in the world through our remote services. We are a Limited Liability Company, founded and operated by Ashley Porter. We connect with like minded businesses and organizations to foster community and encourage unity within local communities. 



Faith Based


Effective Leadership

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Girl Code Collective is a faith based organization who places our hope and trust in God. We believe that everything we do is as if we are doing the work unto the Lord. A thriving and successful business culture must be built on a solid foundation. We value Education and believe that we are all life-long learners, eager and hungry to attain so we can execute in excellence. We invest in effective leadership by holding those of influence to the highest standards of integrity, respect, humility, communication, understanding, and active listening. Girl Code Collective creates and facilitates impactful programs that don’t just leave an impression, they are long-lasting, sustainable, life changing programs that empower and motivate you to shift your perspective in every area. We emphasize accountability, community, and integrity in all that we do.


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