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If you have a pulse, you have a purpose.

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To help millennial women transition from survival mode to thriving in purpose


To invest in millennial women so they recognize and are able to maximize who God has created and called them to be, unapologetically.


God - Foundation the order, everything we do is as if we are doing work unto the Lord. 


Education - We are life-long learners that never get comfortable with the last level. We are eager and hungry to attain so we can execute with excellence

Effective Leadership - Those in a place of influence who uphold the highest standard of  integrity, respect, humility, communication, understanding, active listening, proactive 

Impactful Programs - Our programs don’t just leave an impression, they leave an impact. Long-lasting, sustainable, life changing programs that empower and motivate you to shift your perspective in every area. 

Accountability - Keeps you mindful of your humanity, on track, teamwork, not doing life alone, locking arms with others, bridging the gap with others, partnership, mindful of your actions, being present and relational to help others be mindful and intentional with their behaviors, actions, and attitudes. 

Community - Your tribe vibe - where you are appreciated and celebrated not just tolerated, empowered to propel forward, draw strength when weak, reminded of who you are when you are struggling. 

Integrity -  Your character speaks through you, to be responsible for your words, actions, expectations,